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Re: On the Code of Conduct


On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 12:40 AM, Fraser Smith <fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Two things, personal feelings should be put aside, secondly Luke raises very
> valid points albeit packaged in a humorous and slightly cynical manner, they
> should be addressed.

 appreciated, fraser.

> If you are going to bother spending time writing a constitution / code of
> conduct, call it what you will, do it right (which usually involves a
> lawyer) or not bother with one at all.

 that's really what this is about: there's not really been any debate
or consultation, and, really *really* unfortunately, Igno made it
absolutely clear in his first (and only) response that all and any
discussion of changes or additions is 100% unwelcome.

> The road to hell is paved on good intentions.

 indeed :)

> Also I would suggest moving this discussion off from emails as investors
> don't need to see this squabbling.

 well... actually...  i genuinely believe that they do.  if i was
investing in this project, i sure as hell would like to know about the
team.  i feel that if we are going to put our trust and faith in a
teams' work when there are vast sums of money involved, would you
agree that it is really rather important to know how the developers
respond when faced with hard questions?