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Grincon0, November 9th, Berlin


Please register https://www.meetup.com/MimbleWimble-Grin-Berlin/events/255304837/

More info in the future: https://grincon.org/

Some agenda items:
* Grin Proof of Work with @tromp - the creator of Cuck(at)oo Cycle
* Dandelion in Grin: Privacy-Preserving Transaction Aggregation and Propagation with @quentinlesceller - the author of Dandelion Grin implementation
* Grin with @yeastplume - the author of many things in Grin, the one and only full-time Grin developer
* Grin atomic swap with @jaspervdm - the creator of the first Grin atomic swap
* How to start contributing to Grin with @hashmap - a developer who did it
* All evening MC @lehnberg - Grin's Master of Ceremonies

We can neither confirm nor deny the attendance of Ignotus (@ignopeverell) and Antioch (@antiochp) Peverell.