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Re: minimal/simplistic very hot grin wallet


heard on the whatbitcoindid podcast with yeastplume that the man worked on smartcards before grin... can't wait to hear his hardware wallet ideas. clever plume of yeast. (sorry Michael I can't call you michael when its either that or yeastplume).

if it's credit card sized and all you need is to give businesses terminals to connect to the network then we only have the same issues mastercard has at proliferation. except I'm not sure how you program a smartcard... users will have to get nfc/magnetic terminals for their homes to do add value to them?

mostly just wanted to say that the mainest dev grin has is a smart card pro so I have high hopes.

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On Sunday, November 4, 2018 8:12 AM, Simon B. <simon.bohlin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Idea for discussion:
> a minimal grin "daily small spends wallet", what does it need?
> 1. db of owned UTXOs, say a `grin wallet backup` output.
> 2. private key material
> 3. crypto functions + power. battery?
> 4. 2-way communication with recipient.
> Anything more, if it's only for spending?
> Does a grin payer need to be fully synched with chain head actually?
> - bad to defer publishing + Dandelion to the receiving node?
> - no Merkle proofs handled by this wallet
> - no capability to spend change transactions until after 1. refresh.
> Goal platform: embedded (rust, yay!) or even a Java card or NFC device. Bonus if form factor means security won't take it from you. Java on a "nfc credit card" format is maybe the easiest psychologically if we target global adoption.
> If the above is too minimal, how about a short horizon validating node. Potentially ring buffered, RAM only.