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minimal/simplistic very hot grin wallet


Idea for discussion:

a minimal grin "daily small spends wallet", what does it need?
1. db of owned UTXOs, say a `grin wallet backup` output.
2. private key material
3. crypto functions + power. battery?
4. 2-way communication with recipient.

Anything more, if it's only for spending?
Does a grin payer need to be fully synched with chain head actually?

- bad to defer publishing + Dandelion to the receiving node?

- no Merkle proofs handled by this wallet

- no capability to spend change transactions until after 1. refresh.

Goal platform: embedded (rust, yay!) or even a Java card or NFC device.
Bonus if form factor means security won't take it from you. Java on a "nfc
credit card" format is maybe the easiest psychologically if we target
global adoption.

If the above is too minimal, how about a short horizon validating node.
Potentially ring buffered, RAM only.

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