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GrinconU.S 1/28/19: Dan Boneh speaking....& shame on all investors buying developer tickets


I wanted to announce that *Dan Boneh*, one of the world's top
cryptographers, has just confirmed he will be speaking at Grincon U.S.!!!

We are over 50% sold out - don't wait to get your tickets at

Speaking of tickets.....
*#SHAME* to all *investors* purchasing *developer* tickets for Grincon
U.S.: you know who you are, we do too. If you're a
investment/hedge/venture/money fund, you should NOT be buying developer
tickets. Do we need to say it again?! #DontBeDick

Good-luck to all on the Floonet upgrade today!! Exciting times. We are in
the process of updating our Grinmint pool also🤞
Catheryne Nicholson
CEO and Founder, BlockCypher <http://www.blockcypher.com>

*See our latest Grinmint <https://www.grinmint.com/> mining pool software!*

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