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Launch retrospective and next steps


Hi everyone,

I thought I'd provide a little summary of our launch, which was for the most part surprisingly smooth.

1. The Genesis block was commited around 15:28 UTC [1] with a block time of 16:01 UTC [2]. It also includes the hash of bitcoin block 0000000000000000002a8bc32f43277fe9c063b9c99ea252b483941dcd06e217.
2. Initial difficulty was set appropriately high to avoid too many initial blocks, with the next 20 blocks coming in only in about 3h (first block took 1.5h) and difficulty adjustments doing its job. This and the previous point guarantee no pre-mine.
3. At the moment, graphpower on the chain is high enough to be considered "safe".
4. We sorta DDoS'd mining pools unintentionally by not having support for setting a min difficulty in the miner. Sorry guys. This is fixed now (so upgrade your miner).
5. The Grin ecosystem is growing by the minute, with new announcements and services supporting it. It's very nice to see.

This has been a long time in the making and I couldn't be more proud of our team, our community and what we accomplished with Grin v1.0.0 (yes, we're sporting the scary v1). Now it's time to look ahead, and our commitment to keep pushing Grin and its community forward has never been stronger. We've made clear that we weren't here for the quick ICO, but rather to push the state of the art in what can be accomplished with a blockchain. We have many research directions to pursue, and intend to make Grin even more nimble and private than it already is. I'm excited just thinking about it!

We will continue to need your help. Many extremely talented individuals are working on this project, they will need support. And we will need help for some efforts, like audits or bounties for example. I hope that this launch proved again that we stand by our words and can deliver what we promise. In particular, Yeastplume is running another campaign [3]. As I'm sure you know he has been instrumental in getting Grin where it is today. This isn't an easy way to work when you have a family, but it guarantees he will keep exercising his skills (not only the drinking ones) for the benefit of the Grin community. So I hope you'll show him some support if you can (and if you can't, a nice word never feels bad).

Let's make Grin even more awesome!

- Igno

P.S. Not I did not have to sell my car. But maybe I should, it's getting old. I hear there are models that don't require horses nowadays.

[1] https://github.com/mimblewimble/grin/commit/8fc489a80868fcf12fcdbc0551528bb73fc891a0
[2] https://grinscan.net/block/0
[3] https://grin-tech.org/yeastplume

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