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Re: Launch retrospective and next steps


Congratulations Grin team!! Great job.

and we forgive you for DDoSing Grinmint...we're finally stabilizing.


On Thu, Jan 17, 2019 at 5:06 PM Ignotus Peverell <
igno.peverell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I thought I'd provide a little summary of our launch, which was for the
> most part surprisingly smooth.
> 1. The Genesis block was commited around 15:28 UTC [1] with a block time
> of 16:01 UTC [2]. It also includes the hash of bitcoin block
> 0000000000000000002a8bc32f43277fe9c063b9c99ea252b483941dcd06e217.
> 2. Initial difficulty was set appropriately high to avoid too many initial
> blocks, with the next 20 blocks coming in only in about 3h (first block
> took 1.5h) and difficulty adjustments doing its job. This and the previous
> point guarantee no pre-mine.
> 3. At the moment, graphpower on the chain is high enough to be considered
> "safe".
> 4. We sorta DDoS'd mining pools unintentionally by not having support for
> setting a min difficulty in the miner. Sorry guys. This is fixed now (so
> upgrade your miner).
> 5. The Grin ecosystem is growing by the minute, with new announcements and
> services supporting it. It's very nice to see.
> This has been a long time in the making and I couldn't be more proud of
> our team, our community and what we accomplished with Grin v1.0.0 (yes,
> we're sporting the scary v1). Now it's time to look ahead, and our
> commitment to keep pushing Grin and its community forward has never been
> stronger. We've made clear that we weren't here for the quick ICO, but
> rather to push the state of the art in what can be accomplished with a
> blockchain. We have many research directions to pursue, and intend to make
> Grin even more nimble and private than it already is. I'm excited just
> thinking about it!
> We will continue to need your help. Many extremely talented individuals
> are working on this project, they will need support. And we will need help
> for some efforts, like audits or bounties for example. I hope that this
> launch proved again that we stand by our words and can deliver what we
> promise. In particular, Yeastplume is running another campaign [3]. As I'm
> sure you know he has been instrumental in getting Grin where it is today.
> This isn't an easy way to work when you have a family, but it guarantees he
> will keep exercising his skills (not only the drinking ones) for the
> benefit of the Grin community. So I hope you'll show him some support if
> you can (and if you can't, a nice word never feels bad).
> Let's make Grin even more awesome!
> - Igno
> P.S. Not I did not have to sell my car. But maybe I should, it's getting
> old. I hear there are models that don't require horses nowadays.
> [1]
> https://github.com/mimblewimble/grin/commit/8fc489a80868fcf12fcdbc0551528bb73fc891a0
> [2] https://grinscan.net/block/0
> [3] https://grin-tech.org/yeastplume
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