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updates, and my priorities


Its been an interesting weekend, so I'd like to share some updates.

Benjamin Tissoires has been working on the mpx -evdev driver, more than I realized, and he's closer to pushing it to the main repository. Code wise its primarily a clean up of Carlos' version with some minor additions. I looked over his patches and made some minor suggestions that shouldn't take him long to implement. He expects to push upstream early this week. If it really hits the repo so soon, I think we should have a quick discussion as to whether or not to consider assimilating it for the lucid release. I still have no feel for your policies, certainly grabbed such fresh code for an LTS release seems to be aggressive, but it might be a big boost for MT support.

Users on the forums have been experimenting with a new version of the ntrig firmware, and enabling mt on an older firmware with the code sent to linux-input by n-trig. From what I've heard both break MT protocol with my most recent driver, but they do not hurt single touch and pen input.

There's been a huge flood of things I need to catch up on to get up to speed, so please be direct if I miss something and act stupidly (or just jumbled).

As for priorities, I gather single touch and maintaining existing behaviors trumps multitouch, Hypocratic oath and all that. The good news, is that I don't think there's much to do with ST.

- Respond to user's request for a fix to kernel driver for 2.239 mt support
- Test/read wacom driver for MT potential
- Read testing guidelines for nouveau
- explore the wiki
- assist Benjamin with evdev as needed
- assist with ntrig, st, and mt testing guidelines
- hid-ntrig mods for the older "vista" firmware with mt turned on
	- produce upstream patch that fixes both firmwares
- evdev randr support (if we don't settle on wacom)
- multitouchd
- mt toys/demos (including Stephane's old demo code)
- scan xorg-devel for the current mt threads
- review various other docs/source/lists

I'm still trying to get a handle on the potential for maturity of MT support at each level. I think we really want to avoid the trap of getting stuck with a set of poor choices that will linger just because we want to show off support early.

Feel free to critique or adjust, this is just a working list, I feel no sentimentality to my priorities, just want to make good progress towards our goals.


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