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Re: Questions on MT meeting in Ubuntu app developer week.


On Mon, 2011-04-18 at 12:46 +0800, peng zhang wrote:
> Hello, list,
> I read the 2 poster from Ubuntu app developer week:
> Multitouch https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/appdevweek1104/Multitouch
> Touchegg  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/appdevweek1104/Touchegg
> I had several questions want to confirm with you on this:
> 1 As the description, the grail is using upcoming XI2.1 to get multitouch
> events from input level, but XI2.1 is
> still in development progress, so grail code will still have big changes in
> recently future?

XI2.1 is relatively stable upstream at this point.  We anticipate some
minor tweaks but mostly limited to some corner cases.

Most of the differences between mtdev and XI2.1 multi-touch input is
isolated in the utouch-frame library.

> 2 Is geis API the only way to use gestures identified by grail?

No, but the geis API is the API we provide and support.  A stable API
that hides details and mechanics is important for application
programmers who want their software to work with all kinds of hardware
and into the future with minimal maintenance.

> 3 In th future, if wayland was adopted, how does grail work with it?

The future has yet to be determined.

> 4 When will QT integrate geis-like api into its multitouch framework and at
> that time will the lower dependency
> ask for XI2.1 and grail? And will grail supporting within QT be one
> plugin-like way to distinguish with QT's
> native gesture engine?

The idea is that Qt will adopt geis as a "native gesture recognizer,"
much like it already does for other systems with native gesture
recognizers.  The murky details will be hidden inside Qt and
applications will simply compile and run as they do elsewhere.

The timing of Qt's integration work is in the hands of Qt devs.

> 5 Is Touchegg using ginn and is touchegg only working with those apps which
> doesn't support multitouch
> originally? Say, if I have a app which capture MT event using QT touch
> framework, then it would be possible
> to confuse if using touchegg which capture the same event on the app?

Touchegg does not use ginn.  Ginn is a standalone daemon application.
Touchegg uses the geis API.  José can better describe how it integrates
with applications.

Certainly there is some work do to regarding applications trying to
process touch events from more than one place, just like with processing
any other input.

Stephen M. Webb <stephen.webb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Canonical Ltd.

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