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Questions on MT meeting in Ubuntu app developer week.


Hello, list,

I read the 2 poster from Ubuntu app developer week:
Multitouch https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/appdevweek1104/Multitouch
Touchegg  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/appdevweek1104/Touchegg

I had several questions want to confirm with you on this:
1 As the description, the grail is using upcoming XI2.1 to get multitouch
events from input level, but XI2.1 is
still in development progress, so grail code will still have big changes in
recently future?
2 Is geis API the only way to use gestures identified by grail?
3 In th future, if wayland was adopted, how does grail work with it?
4 When will QT integrate geis-like api into its multitouch framework and at
that time will the lower dependency
ask for XI2.1 and grail? And will grail supporting within QT be one
plugin-like way to distinguish with QT's
native gesture engine?
5 Is Touchegg using ginn and is touchegg only working with those apps which
doesn't support multitouch
originally? Say, if I have a app which capture MT event using QT touch
framework, then it would be possible
to confuse if using touchegg which capture the same event on the app?

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