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Incorrect values returned for XQueryPointer


I am using an XI2.1 setup which is basically an interim setup from various
sources on cgit by cndougla and daniels.

I am using the xinput-multitouch utility to check for events. In the xinput
code, i put a call to the XQueryPointer api but it seems to return incorrect
values. The touch driver (slave) is correctly attached to the master
pointer. The clientPointer for the xinput application is also correctly the
corepointer device. Yet the coordinates returned from XQueryPointer are

I looked at the code paths for the xf86PostTouchEvent chain, and i dont see
any calls to updateSpriteposition which would ideally update the position of
the associated master device.
Is my understanding of the above issue correct ? Is this the reason why
QueryPointer is returning incorrect values ?

It would be great if somebody could help me out on this one. Maybe i am
using an older setup and this is a bug fixed in the later stable releases.
Please let me know if thats the case.

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