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Re: [Question #291885]: Issues with new ubuntu tablet


Question #291885 on Ubuntu changed:

Sandor Zoltan Nemeth posted a new comment:
Dear Leopoldo.

You have to acknowledge, that there are several people out there who are
dissapointed with their new Ubuntu Tablet.  You can do a little research
about this if you don't believe me and you will see what I mean. I have
to admit that I am one of them.  And yes, I did a lot of research before
buying it. The problem is that many of the advertising messages are
misguiding. I feel cheated by the convertibility messages out there. I
guess it was wishful thinking on my behalf that this tablet will at
least partially replace my desktop. But I will not return my tablet
because I am enthusiastic about its idea. But can a business model based
on enthusiasm only...? Canonical should do much more in the future to
deliver its promises and build a real customer base. The main question
is what is the selling point of this tablet? If you answer to this
question, I am happy to start a constructive debate with you.

Kind regards,

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