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Lots of changes pushed to the trunk, new release imminent - please test!


Hi there,

I finally found time to merge some outstanding patches and hack on some other
changes to the script by myself. The major part of the work is done,
I'm just fixing
the Makefile and the man page before I plan to release version 0.12.

>From the ChangeLog:

 - Merged contributions from Matthew Boehm:
 - Added support for date/time formatted file paths for the backupdir
   and mountdir. Example: $backupdir=/path/to/%Y/%m/%d will expand to
   /path/to/2008/10/02 and backups will go in there.
 - Added support to attempt to create $backupdir and $mountdir if they do
   not exist.
 - Added support for using Perl modules as hook scripts. Module must be
   named <hook>.pm and must be a package of type <hook>.  Module must
   implement ->execute() which is called by mylvmbackup to initiate the
   hook. It must return boolean true/false (1 or 0) on success/failure.
   ->execute() will be passed 2 parameters. The first parameter is a
   clone() of the global $dbh. This will allow hook scripts to preform
   actions on the DB using the existing connection. The second parameter
   is a string containing any messages passed to the run_hook() function.
   Module must also implement ->errmsg() which will return a string error
   message to be sent to log_msg(). This will be called by mylvmbackup
   when ->execute() returns false/0.
 - Added new hook, 'logerr'. Called by log_msg() when log severity is
   LOG_ERR. Passes $msg to hook script.

 - Removed the bind mount of the position file directory: copy the config
   files (position record and my.cnf) into the writable snapshot directly
 - Fixed the backup backends to honor this change, fixed the rsnap plugin
   to actually include the config files as well
 - Removed some hardcoded /tmp paths with a $TMP variable
 - Removed superflous $lvm_version variable
 - Made Linux LVMv2 a requirement
 - Applied patch by Tim Stoop: added option --keep_mount which keeps the
   snapshot mounted after the mylvmbackup run (which also implies
 - Updated all URL references to point to lenzg.net instead of lenzg.org
 - Applied small patch from Baron Schwartz to allow reading from ~/.my.cnf
 - Added project home page URL to the --help output, added note about
   the existence of a sample config file to the man page
 - Add build date to the version string in the help output
 - Fixed check for backupdir to not require it when using rsync to a
   remote server or when not doing any backups with backuptype=none
   (Thanks to Ronald Bradford for these suggestions)

I would be grateful if you could take a look at the changes and perform some
tests with the current trunk, just to make sure it still works for you!


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