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Re: InnoDB recovery doesn't work


On 08.09.2010 10:50 CE(S)T, Lenz Grimmer wrote:
> Error number 13 is the classic "permission denied". It seems as if the
> permissions/ownerships of the files in the snapshot don't agree with the user
> ID the recovery instance is using. Can you verify that the "real" MySQL Server
> and the recovery instance are using the same user ID? I assume that the
> recovery server changes to a different user ID that what is defined for the
> main server.

My MySQL server is running as the user "mysql" (says 'ps'). I don't know
to what user the server switches when invoked through mylvmbackup. Is
that a different one? mylvmbackup is started as root, because obviously
it could not create snapshots as another user.

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