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Re: InnoDB recovery doesn't work



On 09/08/10 18:45, Yves Goergen wrote:

> My MySQL server is running as the user "mysql" (says 'ps'). I don't know
> to what user the server switches when invoked through mylvmbackup. 
> Is that a different one?

Not really, it should use the default user name that safe_mysqld uses for
spawning the recovery instance. Do the files and directories on the snapshot
belong to the "mysql" user as well? I wonder if the snapshot is mounted with
some strange flags. What does /proc/mounts say about this? How do the
ownerships of the files on the snapshot look like?

> mylvmbackup is started as root, because obviously
> it could not create snapshots as another user.

Indeed. However, it spawns the second MySQL instance using the wrapper
mysqld_safe, which usually takes care of setting the user.

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