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Patch to add hcp support to mylvmbackup


I am including a patch to add hcp support. HCP is a utility released by
r1soft: http://www.r1soft.com/tools/linux-hot-copy/

The patch included allows hcp to be used on systems where LVM either isn't
installed, isn't utilized, or no free space was left. HCP can be used
instead, and creates snapshots in much the same way. To utilize, you will
need to download and install hcp directly from r1soft.

To install:
wget {currenthcplink}
unzip r1soft-hotcopy.zip
#install relevant package, in my case, 64bit rpm)
rpm -Uvh r1soft-hotcopy-3.18.2.x86_64.rpm
hcp-setup --get-module

New configuration directives in mylvmbackup.conf:

hcpdev=/dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00 #device upon which mysql data files
hcpro=0 #unused, but meant to allow the snapshot to be mounted r/o if

hcpcmd=hcp #command for hcp, needs to be in path

#Backup method of either lvm or hcp
backupmethod=hcp #hcp or lvm are relevant options

I'm certain that there are better ways to accomplish several things in this
patch, so please feel free to modify in any way necessary. It is not well
tested, it was quick, and made to work for me. Released under GPL2.

Author of patch:
Michael S. Moody
Global Systems Consulting / BloomIP
Director of Engineering

Attachment: mylvmbackup_add_hcp.patch
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