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Re: Twisted or Eventlet


Just sending in an email without threading because I am still not receiving
messages from launchpad's mailing lists (i do get bug reports though
-sarcastic finger twirl-)

I'm mixed on this.

I've plenty of experience with Twisted and find its tools to be quite
capable, but I recognize that it scares people off because it is async
programming and because of their crufty project structure.

I think eventlet feels fresh and interesting and enjoy the idea of working
with it (besides areas where I will invariably prefer the async approach),
and I think simply by virtue of it being fresh it will attract more

My largest concern with porting the code to eventlet is that we have poor
testing coverage and are going to hit tons of regressions, though one could
argue that people will be more likely to write tests if they don't have to
figure out how to test async code.

Anyway, I'm willing to do it, though I don't offer a plus-one since what we
have currently works, but if we do I recommend we start with the "endpoint"
code since we want to get that off of tornado and drop it as a dependency


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