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Re: twisted v. eventlet


Speaking as an interested observer, who's been digging through the swift and
nova code base looking for things to do, and as a relatively recent convert
(1.5 yr) to twisted, i wanted to put 2 cents in on the discussion.

Looking at mailing list traffic alone, the twisted community still dwarfs
significantly the eventlet community. It also has numerous libraries and
protocol implementations, that where designed for async usage, which i find
at least preferable to socket monkeypatching to reconsume libraries that
where never intended for such usage. The growing collection of custom monkey
patched modules in the eventlet.green package, suggests its not entirely
transparent. http://bitbucket.org/which_linden/eventlet/src/038f79eb4882/eventlet/green/

Regarding eventlet, Its also unclear the significance or utility of the
gevent fork, which makes a pretty decent case for itself as well
http://blog.gevent.org/2010/02/27/why-gevent/ afaics for the nova use cases
the process spawning functionality (implemented in gunicorn) would be the
only differentiator.

I'd be happy to pitch in on some txaws/txredis/txamqp work, just not
entirely clear to me what needs doing (besides ripping out the sync bits) or
if a decision to do so has been made.

I'm also rather curious why there's references to a custom twisted tarball
in the install script, if anyone could shed a light that.



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