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Re: twisted v. eventlet


We needed a patch from the twisted trunk which wasn't in packages anywhere
(something with the order of reading and our amqp connection, being unable
to ack, can't quite remember), may have done a few things to it after that.


On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 1:01 PM, Kapil Thangavelu <kapil.foss@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Speaking as an interested observer, who's been digging through the swift
> and nova code base looking for things to do, and as a relatively recent
> convert (1.5 yr) to twisted, i wanted to put 2 cents in on the discussion.
> Looking at mailing list traffic alone, the twisted community still dwarfs
> significantly the eventlet community. It also has numerous libraries and
> protocol implementations, that where designed for async usage, which i find
> at least preferable to socket monkeypatching to reconsume libraries that
> where never intended for such usage. The growing collection of custom monkey
> patched modules in the eventlet.green package, suggests its not entirely
> transparent. http://bitbucket.org/which_linden/eventlet/src/038f79eb4882/eventlet/green/
> Regarding eventlet, Its also unclear the significance or utility of the
> gevent fork, which makes a pretty decent case for itself as well
> http://blog.gevent.org/2010/02/27/why-gevent/ afaics for the nova use
> cases the process spawning functionality (implemented in gunicorn) would be
> the only differentiator.
> I'd be happy to pitch in on some txaws/txredis/txamqp work, just not
> entirely clear to me what needs doing (besides ripping out the sync bits) or
> if a decision to do so has been made.
> I'm also rather curious why there's references to a custom twisted tarball
> in the install script, if anyone could shed a light that.
> cheers,
> Kapil
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