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Re: How best to implement a synchronous interface method with an asynchronous implementation?


On Tue, Aug 03, 2010 at 10:37:04AM -0400, Kapil Thangavelu wrote:
>> Using standard Twisted, no. I doubt it's possible. You need threads
>> or coroutines or something to pull that off and Twisted uses neither.
> Well its possible, but its not useful, as it will still hang the
> process.

How can you block waiting for a deferred to fire?

>>> Perhaps we can clarify the Twisted vs Eventlet discussion: would
>>> Eventlet solve this particular problem?
>> The inlineCallbacks thing? Yes. The libvirt thing? Not as far as I
>> know.  eventlet has this patching mechanism, but as I understand it,
>> it relies on the particular module using Python's socket module to
>> work, which python-libvirt doesn't, AFAIK.
> making the libvirt sync call into async for the purposes of twisted
> should be easy enough..

Sure. The question was about eventlet.

> def threaded_invoke_sync_hang_api(on_result, args):
>       result = libvirt.get_info(args)
>       reactor.callFromThread(on_result, result)
> def get_libvirt_info(*args):
>       d = Deferred()
>       reactor.deferToThread(threaded_invoke_sync_hang_api, args)
>       return d

Why not just:

def get_libvirt_info(*args):
     return reactor.deferToThread(libvirt.get_info, args)


> this is assuming of course the libvirt c bindings release the GIL. 


Soren Hansen
Ubuntu Developer

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