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Re: Twisted or Eventlet?


For those that missed the IRC discussion, we've come to the following:

* There was a misunderstanding, this thread is about API servers,
  not the entire nova codebase. My original email focused on what to
  replace tornado with since this was a discussion in Austin.

* Choosing Eventlet for the API doesn't imply we need to use
  it everywhere (compute workers, volume workers, schedulers,
  ...). Obviously a public facing HTTP server and a fixed pool queue
  consumer have very different requirements. The same tool is not
  going to be best for all jobs. It is possible we will use eventlet,
  twisted, or neither for some components. For example, in another
  thread, there is talk about using threads or processes for the
  compute workers so we don't need to deal with async.

* We're moving forward with WSGI for the API servers, based on code
  Todd already has started, and the fact that it is a well-supported
  standard. Michael, Jorge, and I also realized we need a good way to
  layer the components of the API in another thread, and WSGI gives us
  just that.

* Choosing WSGI means needing a WSGI framework that scales
  well. Eventlet gives us this, where Twisted and WSGI don't play
  nice with each other. We have other options too for WSGI server
  providers, but for now we'll stick with Eventlet since we can use
  Swift as a reference.

As new components come up, we can discuss which is the best way to
go. There is no plan to convert all the Twisted services over to
Eventlet "just because" or prevent Twisted from being used if it
makes the most sense.

Michael and I are actively working (possibly with Todd if he is still
hacking on it too) on the WSGI API layers for the Rackspace/OpenStack
API. Assuming this goes well, we'll look at porting the EC2 tornado
stuff to WSGI as well so we can remove that dependency.


On Wed, Aug 04, 2010 at 12:03:49PM -0400, Michael Gundlach wrote:
>    All,
>    I propose that we go ahead and decide to use Eventlet.  We've all had a
>    chance to talk, the decision isn't going to make itself, and it seems like
>    we're coalescing around Eventlet:
>      * In a long discussion about how to keep our code loosely coupled and
>        easy to maintain (see Architecture For Shared Components on the
>        openstack list), we concluded that WSGI would be a great solution, and
>        eday has prototyped an Eventlet-powered WSGI app talking AMQP to
>        Rabbit.  The Twisted WSGI approach apparently isn't stable or
>        standard, but WSGI works just as you'd expect in Eventlet.
>      * As hazmat points out in the "twisted v. eventlet" thread, you can't
>        use pdb with Twisted, while pdb works just as you'd hope in Eventlet.
>      * hazmat's experience during his lightning talk (see the same thread) is
>        a good datapoint verifying that people unfamiliar with either project
>        will probably prefer to work with Eventlet over Twisted: good for
>        recruiting.
>      * It's a weaker argument, but it's really hard to find any comparisons
>        between Twisted and Eventlet on the web that say Twisted is preferable
>        (has anyone found any?)
>    And as always, there's the argument that Eventlet code is easier to read
>    and understand, and therefore to maintain.
>    I'm going to be working on adding the RS API to Nova, and I'm going to
>    proceed in Eventlet.  If anyone feels strongly that we must use Twisted
>    instead, speak up; otherwise, shall we call this decision made?
>    trying-to-build-consensus-ly yrs,
>    Michael
>    On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 8:13 AM, Soren Hansen <soren.hansen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>    wrote:
>      On Mon, Aug 02, 2010 at 05:21:23PM -0500, Eric Day wrote:
>      > I took a closer look at the inner workings of how Twisted is currently
>      > being used, and I think there is still a good chunk of work to be done
>      > to make things work properly. For example, both Redis and AMQP modules
>      > are not using the Twisted I/O event loop. Both are still issuing sync
>      > socket calls in their own libs which could block the entire
>      > application.
>      Yup, this definitely needs fixing.
>      > These things are very doable in Twisted, it will just require using
>      > the txRedis and txAMQP modules. It will also introduce more deferreds
>      > into the mix since we'll have non-blocking connections dependent on
>      > each other. From this perspective, Eventlet may be easier since we
>      > could still use the current libraries by patching
>      > (http://eventlet.net/doc/patching.html).
>      Yes, both python-redis and python-amqplib use Python's standard socket
>      module, so they can be patched.
>      Does anyone know how eventlet would deal with libvirt calls?
>      python-libvirt just calls into libvirt obviously doesn't use Python's
>      socket module.
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