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Re: ORM Refactor


On 10-09-2010 19:55, Devin Carlen wrote:
> I think someone covered this but our main rationale behind moving
> from redis is that it doesn't have sufficient security for our needs.
> If a machine were to be compromised, redis is essentially just wide
> open.

I agree with this concern.

Let's not forget that we're building a platform that's meant to be able
to run virtual machines by complete strangers. Strangers of which at
least some percentage can be expected to be malicious. Even a small
network misconfiguration could not only reveal all of our data store to
an attacker, but he could alter it or even delete it all with a single
API call.

Redis is neat and I'm sure it's excellent for many use cases, but I'm
not convinced ours is one of them. Yet, at least.

Soren Hansen
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