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Re: Got nova running in a single node as per the docs



An awesome report - looks like there are four or five critical updates to
the instructions, two minor bugs and a big gap in the user docs (e.g., what

Many folks are still using euca-tools or some ec2 tools to send API requests
to a running nova cloud - you'll need to use the nova-admin binary to set up
user accounts and download credentials to use with those tools. (I was
pretty sure there was a doc on that somewhere...)

Maybe Devin or a racker can pipe up about the status of the new API endpoint
- is it ready enough to use? (If so there, are a bunch of clients already
built for that API, including android and iphone apps, etc.)

If the objectstore is natively running on :3333, then perhaps we don't need
the nginx hack anymore? (Sorry, haven't looked at that code in a while.)
Otherwise, you'll want to change your objectstore flagfile to run on port
3334, and let nginx proxy to it when appropriate.

You should be able to get play-by-play help in the IRC channel, once folks
are awake.


On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 7:24 AM, Manuel Amador (Rudd-O)

> in here: http://nova.openstack.org/getting.started.html
> Now what?  How do I tell it to create VMs?  Start VMs?  Stop VMs?  What do
> I
> install in other nodes and How do I make those other nodes join that cloud?
> These are my notes --- corrections on the install docs:
> ----------------------------------------------
> http://nova.openstack.org/getting.started.html
> KVM:Maverick-x86_64
> address
> user name rudd-o
> password (short one)
> I built redis from 2.0.1 stable source downloaded from
> http://code.google.com/p/redis/downloads/detail?name=redis-2.0.1.tar.gz&can=2&q=
> I then ran openstack/nova/nova/auth/slap.sh to set up slapd
> I had to install python-tornado and python-gflags too
> The instructions were wrong, there is no KVM (hence no libvirtd group) in
> the
> cloud controller
> I created the .pth file too
> To run nova-api, I had to install python-daemon too
> To run nova-api, I had to install python-carrot too
> To run nova-api, I had to install python-ipy -- without it, import of class
> nova.network.manager.VlanManager fails -- the utils.import_object function
> makes the mistake of hiding the true source of the import error by
> overriding
> importerror with nova.exceptions.NotFound, which misleads the user to think
> that VlanManager does not exist, when in fact it is a dependency problem
> that
> causes it to "not exist".
> I had to install python-sqlalchemy too, to run nova-compute
> All the daemons i started with --nodaemon
> NGINX as configured as per the instructions just cnanot be run because it
> causes nova-objectstore to simply fail to start up.
> 2010-09-15 19:48:05-0700 [-] twisted.internet.error.CannotListenError:
> Couldn't listen on any:3333: [Errno 98] Address already in use.
> Had to stop nginx because of that.
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