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smaller image available for testing


I'd talked to some people at the summit and mentioned some ttylinux based
images that we use for testing UEC.

I've seen people use
as a minimal image / kernel / ramdisk to test with.

I have these images (i686 and amd64) available
at http://smoser.brickies.net/ubuntu/ttylinux-uec/ .  They're verified to
boot and generally function in openstack, ec2, and eucalyptus.

The images are total download of ~ 20M, and provide
- ssh server
- pulling authorized keys from the ec2 metadata service and populating the
  root user with those keys.
- executing user data if it begins with '#!'
- boot quickly

They're built in a reproducible manner, via code at

I'm open to suggestions, improvements or people using this in test scenarios.