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PPA restructuring


I've restructured our PPA's somewhat[1].

The basic idea is this: People are willing to expose themselves to
varying degrees of breakage. Some will only want final releases, others
will be happy to test the latest and greatest, and (I'm guessing) some
might be willing to a middle ground of accepting milestone releases.  To
accomodate this, each of the three groups will have their own PPA, and
we'll have a couple more for other purposes:

The one just named "ppa":


This is the one we use "internally" for e.g. updated packages for
Hudson. It used to hold bleeding edge Nova packages, but no more.

Trunk PPA:


This one holds bleeding edge Nova packages. Every commit to trunk
results in an upload to that PPA. All the dependencies you need to run
this are also there (backported libvirt to Lucid, for instance).



This one holds packages that are only needed at build time for the trunk
PPA. The idea is to keep this separate so that people don't have to
update packages needlessly, just because they're volunteering to test

At some point, we'll create the last two PPA's:

Milestone PPA:


For each milestone, we'll copy over the packages from the Trunk PPA.
This is for people who are happy to help test, but want something
presumably slightly more stable than bleeding edge.

Release PPA:


This PPA will be reserved for stable releases of Nova. It's for people
who want the latest stable release on a variety of Ubuntu versions.

Like the milestone PPA, it will be populated by copying all the relevant
packages from the trunk PPA.

[1]: http://wiki.openstack.org/Packaging/Ubuntu

Soren Hansen
Ubuntu Developer    http://www.ubuntu.com/
OpenStack Developer http://www.openstack.org/