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Re: Back/front methods for Iterable (and reverse iterators)


> I don't see the advantage of having a 'parameterized' method iterator
> (also considering it's not possible to do something like that in ooc.
> That's a C++-ism you're writing there, for a language with templates.
> ooc has generics, which are different)
Of course. I missed this "little" detail. Two much time reading to
Stepanov, I fear. 

> I think in that case, using templates is far-fetched and useless.
Having two abstract classes like we discussed above solves neatly the
problem, imho.

I'm sorry, not to be aware of that solution. As I said, I'm being apart
of Ooc for some time and I probably passed through the message where it
was explained and I'm just experimenting yet with ooc, too. My sincere


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