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Re: Getting started / about iphone development


On Sun, 26 Sep 2010 14:13:40 -0600, Scott Olson <scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I think we should get up-to-date generated documentation back online, then.

Yes, that would be a good start.

@Mark: Yes, but no. A link named "Resources" is not visible enough (and
generally too long). It should say "Docs".
And the "Documentation" section with the paragraph "there's no doc
system" is misleading. It should link to the Resources wiki.

As for the doc system, everybody's screaming but the rare attempts are
doing something have been flamed down. Maybe a join
effort would be succesful? I can dedicate some time to coding the base
structure and providing the info needed to extend it
and make it into a full solution. It's just time not spent fixing bugs
- it's really a matter of how we spend our human resources here.

About iPhone dev: that's great news! I didn't know that :) Then there
are only technical obstacles to getting ooc running on the iPhone
and I know someone has already done it in the past. I won't be able to
help much directly because I don't own any Apple device but I'd
be glad to help in my area of expertise (rock bugs, C compiler errors,