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Compiling rock


Hi, everyone.

I've been absent from ooc development a few months. Now, I'm trying to compile latest version of rock and it goes ok until gcc stalls when compiling rock_tmp\source\rock\backend\explain\ExplanationGenerator.c. 

It looks like if once the source distributed with bootstrapping package gets compiled, the bootstrapping compiler generates bad source code for the final compiler that gcc can't digest. Maybe recursive includes? (although gcc shouldn't have problems with this)

I'm on a Windows Seven platform with gcc 4.5.0 on msys. GIT version is from today (January 9th), but I had the same problem in the middle of December (I expected some waiting should correct the problem). Don't hesitate to ask for more information, if it is needed. I will do some tests you may suggest, but I believe it should be enough to refresh the source code on alpaca's c_source from a recent working rock compiler.


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