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Sales order import Bug


Hi. I'm a fresh guy. Openerp version 5.0.6, OS xp. 
Today, I try to import Sale Orders into Openerp, however there are errors. 
First, I choose the necessary fields to export the CSV file. Then import this CSV file into system use Web client, however, the system refuse to import, shows: 

"Error processing your first line of the file. 
Field Customer is unkown!" 

I just curious about this since I export the CSV from system, of course it contains the Field " Customer ", but when I import this CSV field, why it says is unknow? Sad 
This is the CSV file open with EditPlus: 

Customer,Date Ordered,Invoice Address,Invoice on,Order Reference,Ordering Contact,Packing Policy,Pricelist,Shipping Address,Shipping Policy,Shop 
Ecole de Commerce de Liege,2010-02-21,Karine Lesbrouffe,order,SO004,Karine Lesbrouffe,direct,Public Pricelist,Karine Lesbrouffe,manual,E-Com 

Thanks for your help 

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