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Re: Pending merges in v6.1


    2012/11/5 Carlos Liébana <carlos.liebana@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


        I'm founding a lot of bugs with fix released but not being
        merged in the main branch. This is leading us and I suppose
        the rest of companies to have our own branch with those merges

        But, I suppose with OpenERP SA totally focused in v7, maybe we
        all could join efforts and make this a community task. What do
        you think?

        I suppose the first step would be to have an initial list with
        those pending merges / bugs that we would like to have fixed.
        I can start a Google Doc if this is of your interest.

Hi Carlos,

as we all know, the current bug policy of OpenERP SA has the following results:

- Bugs fixed by the community are not applied to the stable version
- Bugs fixed by OpenERP developers through OPW are not merged with the stable version or after a very long delay

Therefore, the stable version of OpenERP is not usable without merging at least those fixes that affect you.

As you have observed on twitter, Therp maintains their own branch of OpenERP 6.1 that contains additional fixes that are contributed on Launchpad. Many of those fixes we have conrtibuted ourselves and we expect them to be in OpenERP 7.0. Because we use a distinct 'therp-backports' project we can use the Launchpad bug tracker to track the separate statuses of the bugs in the official OpenERP branches and our own.

Many other implementators maintain their own branches but they do not use Launchpad to manage the issues. Perhaps it would be better to join forces and participate in a shared community project to backport fixes to stable versions of OpenERP. Therp for one would be happy to join such an initiative. The usual flow of issues -> branches -> merge requests should be sufficient to maintain quality control as long as the parties involved indeed take the trouble of reviewing each others' proposals.

So yes, please create a Google Doc and we will comment on that.


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