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Re: Pending merges in v6.1


> I'm founding a lot of bugs with fix released but not being merged in
> the main branch. This is leading us and I suppose the rest of
> companies to have our own branch with those merges applied.

They are several reasons for this:

1) It's a problem of timing.

When I do merge proposals, I merge several of them in my own branch
rather than directly in trunk. This allows to check with runbot and
codereview before pushing to trunk. But I mark as fix released in
launchpad when I put in my branch. (otherwise it's compelx to remind
which bug has been closed afterwards).

My branch is merged to trunk a few hours after, after having checked
that runbot is green. Usually it just a matter of 24 hours.

2) we have pending fixes not yet merged in v6.1 that we directly merge
in v7.0:

-> We started a few weeks ago to forward port and code review
improvements made on v6.1 through OPW requests to v7.0. We did a lot of
them (about 100), but still about 20 are missing. Search OPW in these

3) Some are fix released in v6.1 but not yet in trunk. So, it's fix
released for v6.1 but not for trunk. Olivier will merge v6.1
improvements to trunk within the next days.

How you can help?

Create merge proposals for everything you think is important. (unless
there is already one that exists)

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