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MBA Dissertation



My final paper to complete my MBA is a research project.  Currently my
proposal revolves around a hypothesis that open source innovation limits
internal innovation primarily due to the processes that the editor must put
in place to manage such contributions must take resources from internal
innovation.  It is planned as a case study of OpenERP.

There is a lot of academic literature supporting this, but I'm not quite
happy with it.  So I don't really want your opinions on the hypothesis,
rather the merits of the proposal, although if it goes ahead then I'll be

What I'm after is alternate ideas to research.  Having committed 5 years
already, and many to come to open source, and openerp in particular it is
prerequisite that the proposal at least in some way relates and is useful
to the community.  Secondly it must be about business not software
development.  Those are the only rules.

The research output will be published, at least by me, so I want it to be
useful to us at least on some level.

Alternatively, if you think the proposal has merit let me know.
Importantly I do not want your opinions on the answers (and besides I've
obfuscated slightly to protect myself), but merely on whether it is
worthwhile, or if something else might be more worthwhile.

The sooner I get this done the sooner I can return to full community duty
as it were.

Kind regards,

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