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Re: Work in progress: OCB 7.0 on github


Hello Stefan,

>From a quick look, the resulting branch looks rather correct. Specially
it's cool to see that all replays happen at the HEAD of the branch and that
all previous revisions have exactly the same sha1 than the original 7.0
odoo branch.

I agree that the 49 other merges ca be replayed manually then.

I was also in favor of creating 146 branches from the 146 changes because I
didn't expect you would make the script do what you did. But I would say
given you managed, it looks go to me.

Now I have a question,

during the informal Opendays meeting, we were also suggesting that after
each update from upstream odoo branch, OCB patches would be rebased on OCB
head. That is the shape of your current branch is very much in line with
But do you still believe the best will be to rebase OCB after all
subsequent updates instead of doing merges like you would do with BZR for

I have no doubt that it's better to manage the final patches of a branch
with Github rebase interactive. Now I'm not 100% convinced yet it's the
best for OCB given OCB may still receive additional local patches for
production (were no agreement exists yet or because it's a qucik and dirty
production hotfix without hope to merge it upstream).
Because one should remember that derivating from a branch that is rebased
constantly is possible but not easy.

I was thinking about that when I see that attempt to support vcs-merge for
git on the Anybox Recipe:
This kind of decision (systematic rebase or not) is going to have a lot of
impact on these things I believe.

So again, do you still believe the best will be to rebase OCB after all
subsequent updates instead of doing merges like you would do with BZR for

Regards and thanks for the hard work.

On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 8:02 PM, Stefan <stefan@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> here is a status update on the migration of OCB 7.0 to github, as
> discussed in an informal meeting of several OCB contributors on the
> OpenDays 2014.
> I've adapted our replay script[1] to port OCB-specific revisions to Github
> Odoo/7.0. See [2] for the results of this script applied to addons and web.
> It does not work well for the server project, because of that one
> unfortunate push of rs-ocb to the OCB server project, but I think the
> server changes might just as well be sorted out manually and submitted in
> one big pull request. I already tried that out and it is not that much work.
> BTW. Alexandre Fayolle suggested the option of pushing *all* changes into
> separate branches, and then process the pull requests manually but that
> seems more work in the script as well as in the manual processing
> afterwards so I decided to try the incremental replay first.
> Attached you find the output of the script. It will tell you that of the
> 146 changes, there are 49 that give conflicts and should be processed in
> some other way. I'm thinking that maybe we can proceed with this unified
> branch and process the conflicting revisions in some other way. A large
> part of the conflicts should be caused by an existing fix in Odoo, I'm
> guessing.
> It would be great if someone could do some rough validation to see if the
> process seems sound. If that has been verified, we could tag all the
> conflicting revisions and see if it is worthwhile just to pick up the
> remaining ones manually, after weeding out the duplicate fixes.
> In case someone wants to reproduce the results, it is a matter of running
>   ocb2git.py ocb-addons openobject-addons odoo
>   ocb2git.py ocb-web openerp-web odoo
> All the arguments are local bzr and git branches.
> Cheers,
> Stefan
> [1] http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~therp-nl/lp-community-utils/
> replay_ocb2git/view/head:/ocb2git.py
> [2] https://github.com/StefanRijnhart/odoo/tree/test-replay
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