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Re: Asset - report


I have pushed an update of the account_asset v20 module to

This version now has all the features implemented that I had on my list. 

The main change compared to the previous version is the recycling of the
'Number of Depreciations' and 'Method End' Time Methods for Deferred
Expenses/Income and Cost Spreading purposes.
I also corrected a couple of bugs and added a few more hooks into the code. 

I hope that the finance experts of the Community find a bit of time to test
this module in the coming days and check if the functionality covers at
least the key requirements encountered within your geographies, after which
I'll submit the code to odoo for merge into V8. 
If you find some bugs during testing, just send me an e-mail with
instructions on how to reproduce and I'll fix it (or alternatively you may
of course always propose a fix).

Area's which I haven't addressed yet are the V8 'BI' engine (assets analysis
menu), the demo data and the yml tests. 
Any help on this (from odoo and/or the Community) is highly appreciated. 

>From a reporting standpoint, I'll put my focus on the creation of a separate
'account_asset_report_xls' module (using the report_xls reporting engine).
The advantage of this is that this module will work on V8 as well as on V7. 


P.S. At this point in time, the new account_asset module works on V7 as well
as on V8. 

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On 10 Jun 2014, at 11:16, Luc De Meyer <luc.demeyer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> David,
> Please let me know which specific requirements are there for Italy so 
> that I can check if it's supported already or otherwise ensure to have 
> the proper hook.

Thank you very much Luc.
I’ll ask a colleague of mine to delve into your module and Ferdinand’s
remarks to gather possible differences.
AFAIK, we probably have no more than the very same needs mentioned by
Ferdinand but i’m not such an asset management expert.

Apart from this, hooks are always good.

Davide Corio
ERP Consultant
L.S. Advanced Software Srl