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Toponyms data (city names, zip, states)



I want to ask about toponyms data (city names, zip, states) two things:

1) Specific:
Is there any repo with toponyms data (city names, zip, states) for Portugal?
​We are located just a few km north of Portuguese border, so some customer
is asking about populating his DB with Portugal data, the same we did with
Spain cities. Well, not only Portugal, but it's where he exports and
imports the most.

2) General:
Here in Spain we have such data in our localization project, in a module
called l10n_es_toponyms, but I have no idea where to find data about other
I believe such data in not localization-specific, but global. Why? Because
many companies export/import to/from other countries. Even more if you are
located near a border, where if your customer is 1km away, he is abroad.
A good repo for all that maybe https://launchpad.net/openerp-data , but
it's quite empty.
Are there any plans to fill it with data from each country?
Or, maybe, if it is preferred to be kept in localization projects, it would
be nice to have a list of localization projects URLs. (Is there any?).

Thanks in advance,

  Alejandro Santana

 ANUBÍA, soluciones en la nube, S.L.

Plaza Fernando Conde Montero Ríos, 9
 36201, Vigo (Pontevedra)

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