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Re: Repository migration to Git



  I tried the recipe in the linked SO question, but I can't see any
branches being created on git.
  The script I used is here:

  It seems the "git branch ..." step in my previous script is necessary,
but if that's so why isn't it mentioned somewhere?

  Olivier, maybe you could give us some advice on this?


Quoting Daniel Reis <dgreis@xxxxxxx>:

Thanks for the advice.

   I think I got it working.
   It seems to me you should repeat the process for each branch to migrate:

     $ bzr branch lp:<project>/6.1
     $ bzr branch lp:<project>/7.0
     $ mkdir git-repo && cd git-repo
     $ git init
  $ bzr fast-export --export-marks=../bzr.mark ../6.1 --plain | git fast-import --export-marks=../git.mark
     $ git branch 6.1
  $ bzr fast-export --export-marks=../bzr.mark ../7.0 --plain | git fast-import --export-marks=../git.mark
     $ git branch 7.0
     $ git checkout master  # to populate the still empty worktree

   I'm not sure if history is correct, I'll have to check further:
   Maybe  git fast-import should be given --import-marks ?

   Please raise a flag if anyone sees something wrong.


Quoting Stefan <stefan@xxxxxxxx>:

On 13-06-14 16:26, Daniel Reis wrote:

Hello all,

I was willing to give a try on migrating repositories from LP to GitHub. Could someone share the state of the art on this - is there any migration scripts available?

   Hi Daniël,

as for branches, the keyword seems to be fastimport, supported in git and bzr (plugin). This seems a nice writeup (incl. a link the necessary filter) on how to preserve Launchpad bug references (haven't used it myself yet): http://www.fusonic.net/en/blog/2013/03/26/migrating-from-bazaar-to-git/

Some simple scripting for migrating all branches in a repository: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19930832/converting-big-bzr-repository-to-git-what-to-expect


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