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Re: OCA: transition from Launchpad to Github


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On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 3:08 PM, Guewen Baconnier <
guewen.baconnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi community,
> I want to start to coordinate the transition of the OCA branches to
> Github. Joël already created all the projects on Github, not without
> sighs, thanks to him! We still have to create the teams, migrate the
> code and setup the tooling for the maintainers / reviewers.

=> I needed some patience, I confess...

> Now, an inventory of what we'll need
> ====================================
>  - A place where to write all the docs for maintainers of the projects
> (the things we will discuss here). I'll try to write the docs, just not
> sure of the best place to put them.

=> For that, I want to strongly suggest to use the Github wiki/README.md as
the technical docs. This way, every project within the OCA will have:

a) A functionnal/business description on the new OCA website
b) A technical description on github for each repository.

Here is my suggestion : https://github.com/OCA/maintainers-tools

>  - Create a mapping of projects/branches Launchpad → Github that will be
> used by the scripts

 - At some point, push the head 7.0 branch of each Launchpad project to
> their corresponding Github project as the new 8.0. This can be automated
> I guess (using the mapping)
>  - Write a script that mirrors the 6.1 and 7.0 branches to Github and
> setup a cron

=> +1 for all 3

>  - On Github, each project of the OCA has its own list of committers,
> there is no way to put the OCA committers automatically in each OCA
> project. What we'll do is to maintain 1 committer team [0] and to write
> a script (with a cron) that copies all the members in all the others
> projects' teams.
>  - We have to decide where the OCA should deploy its tools (like the
> mirroring script and committers script, and maybe others to come)

=> Commit the tools here: https://github.com/OCA/maintainers-tools
=> For running the cron, tow options:
 a) OCA buy something on one of those services :
 b) Somebody within the OCA offer a server and access to Community
Maintainers team to setup them



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