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OCA: transition from Launchpad to Github


Hi community,

I want to start to coordinate the transition of the OCA branches to
Github. Joël already created all the projects on Github, not without
sighs, thanks to him! We still have to create the teams, migrate the
code and setup the tooling for the maintainers / reviewers.

Several discussions have already taken place on the mailing list or
during the Opendays, but all is not yet defined. I will try to gather
here all the stuff around that, so please share your thoughts.

The decisions discussed so far

 - The branches up to 7.0 will stay on Launchpad
   Though, they will be mirrored on Github (Github doesn't have readonly
branches but the committers won't commit on them)
 - Starting from 8.0, they will be on Github
 - For the OCA committers and reviewers, it means that we will need to
review both on Launchpad and Github, but it avoid the need to migrate
all the pending merge proposals and bug reports
 - There is no date planned for the creation of the 8.0 branches, sooner
means more duplication of proposals (and some pain to follow the master
branch changes, which is still unstable), on the other hand, some people
already work on modules for v8.0.

Some scripts (fast-import, ...) or ideas have already been published but
I want to have a reference in this thread, so please share them.

Now, an inventory of what we'll need

 - A place where to write all the docs for maintainers of the projects
(the things we will discuss here). I'll try to write the docs, just not
sure of the best place to put them.
 - Create a mapping of projects/branches Launchpad → Github that will be
used by the scripts
 - At some point, push the head 7.0 branch of each Launchpad project to
their corresponding Github project as the new 8.0. This can be automated
I guess (using the mapping)
 - Write a script that mirrors the 6.1 and 7.0 branches to Github and
setup a cron
 - On Github, each project of the OCA has its own list of committers,
there is no way to put the OCA committers automatically in each OCA
project. What we'll do is to maintain 1 committer team [0] and to write
a script (with a cron) that copies all the members in all the others
projects' teams.
 - We have to decide where the OCA should deploy its tools (like the
mirroring script and committers script, and maybe others to come)

This is the minimal scope, but we would be more comfortable with:

 - a "nag" script for Github (openerp-nag equivalent), but I don't know
Github enough to know if Github is sufficient by itself
 - CI installed on all the OCA projects


The transition will probably need a lot of boring and tedious - more or
less manual - work. More work than can be done by a single person, so my
first concern is to compile a list of the heroes who will take part and
will accept to share the tasks.

Please announce you! and inform if you have superpowers or special
abilities that could help (git-fu, launchpad api, github api, CI, ...).

I probably forget a lot of things, so do not hesitate to complete.
Thanks to be concise in your replies.

Have a nice and shiny week-end!

[0] https://github.com/orgs/OCA/teams/community-maintainers

Guewen Baconnier
Business Solutions Software Developer

Camptocamp SA
PSE A, CH-1015 Lausanne
Phone: +41 21 619 10 39
Office: +41 21 619 10 10

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