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Best temporary practice for v8 OCA modules before a decision is taken


Hi all,

I create a new thread to avoid hijacking the other discussion with
this temporary issue.

I was wondering about what is the best way to work on v8 OCA modules
today, i.e. before a decision has been taken on how to handle them.

As an example, I would like to forward port the module base_location
from partner-contract-management.

Since we decided that v8 is on github but how to do that is not clear
yet, I could take the existing partner-contract-management/v7, push it
to github in a branch of mine, and work on base_location there.

When a decision will be taken on how to proceed, we will be able to
either extract that module only, or make a subtree, or keeping all
modules with installable=false. In any case we will not lose either
the original revisions of base_location or my new ones. At that point,
I will be able to do the pull requested as decided.

What do we think about that?


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