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Best approach to deploy one module from OCA/GitHub?



As a repository on GitHub (or Launchpad) can contain several modules (e.g. https://github.com/OCA/project-service/tree/7.0), I am wondering about the best way to deploy only one of them in a customer project without fetching all other modules of the repository, but keeping the link with upstream sources (to update this module from time to time inside our customer projects after tests and validation)?

What we are doing currently is copying the targeted module inside its own repository, and link it with our customer projects with subrepo/submodule (supported by Mercurial and Git). This way we can have two customer projects sharing the same module, but pointing on different versions (either two different versions of the same branch, or two different branches). The drawback is that we have to maintain our own repositories which are completely isolated from upstream sources, and it's not optimal as the number of repositories is growing.

How do you manage this? Is there a better approach to handle this kind of task? For the sake of simplicity, do you clone the whole repository and add it to the addons_path, even for one module?
Your advices and experience are welcomed!


Sébastien ALIX
ABF Osiell
Site: http://www.osiell.com

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