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Re: Odoo Community News and Ideas


Hi Fabien,
Hi Antony,

Don't want become a party pooper, but will v8.0 still be released on 7
july 2014 as said on the OpenDays ?

Have a nice weekend you all ...


2014-06-30 18:41 GMT+02:00 Fabien Pinckaers <fp@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello,
> I'd like to thank everyone who participated to the Odoo Open Days a few
> weeks ago. The event was great and it was a pleasure to meet you there, to
> share knowledge and to learn from what people are doing with Odoo.
> The quality of the Odoo community is incredible and the Open Days
> perfectly reflected this.
> You can find photos, statistics, videos and slides of the Open Days 2014
> here:
> https://www.odoo.com/event/OpenDays-2014-5/page/website_event.Introduction-OpenDays
> You can get statistics about the event here:
> https://magic.piktochart.com/output/2170040-open-days-2014
> As said above, the community is one of the biggest strength of Odoo.
> Here are a few news and ideas on how we can improve collaboration in the
> future with the community:
> *Community Q&A*
> When we launched the new Odoo.com website, we replaced our Q&A website
> (based on Askbot, Drupal) with a new Odoo module. Since this launch, the
> community forum's activity increased by 35% with 2.183 posts in june,
> compared to an average of 1.618 posts per month over the past 3 months.
> But the most interesting part is that the growth is thanks to an increase of
> the number of answers, not the number of questions. In june
> 2014, more answers have been posted than questions. (1.213 answers for 970
> questions.)
> 15.294 questions were asked over the past 16 months and 60% of these
> questions have an answer. 970 questions were asked in june 2014 and 890 of
> them have at least one answer. This gives us a 92% answer rate in june, a
> huge improvement compared to previous months! We can expect the forum to
> stick to a 85% answer rate in the future.
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hIUHwkc6wOckHHAGmHgunKTljrAN8_Bzbhkfpmvcl48/edit?usp=sharing
> On top of this, the Odoo Q&A application has been improved and new features
> will appear at the next SaaS upgrade. We have added some new features, such
> as: convert an answer to a comment, convert a comment to an answer, better
> karma handling, etc.
> *Functional Documentation: How-Tos*
> We started a new functional documentation for version 8. Over the past
> month, we already wrote 70 how-tos. You can have a look at the new
> functional documentation here:
>   - https://www.odoo.com/forum/how-to
> We also worked on a collaborative process allowing everyone to
> contribute to the official documentation. The documentation is built on top
> of the best Questions in the Q&A, allowing everyone to contribute by
> creating or modifying questions. (you need to have a karma above 200)
> Then, our documentation team follows an editorial process to improve the
> content. You can get more information about this new community flow here:
>   - http://www.slideshare.net/openobject/odoo-presentation-documentation-v8
> *We need your feedback*
> In addition to our efforts to improve the "How-tos", we are also
> thinking about integrating a deployment guide in the application.
> This will answer the "What to do", not the "How to do". Every application
> will have its own guide to help new users understand what to do. Here is the
> initial draft mockup for the CRM application. It describes what to do to
> improve sales efficiency:
>   - http://qf6iua.axshare.com/sales_planner_v2.html
> Please take a few minutes to review this mockup and send your feedback to
> Lionel, one of our usability experts: lie@xxxxxxxx
> Every feedback is important:
>  - Wording/copywriting improvements
>  - Will it help new users to understand how to deploy a CRM?
>  - Is it clear enough? Would you use it for your customes?
> Note: Some "Contact us" boxes only appear if the customer have the 24/24
> support option as a part of his Odoo Enterprise contract. (like SaaS
> customers)
> *Community Mailing Lists*
> Since we move all development efforts from Launchpad to Github, we will also
> stop using Launchpad's mailing lists. These will be replaced by the mailing
> list app of Odoo. As we will not import community members automatically, we
> suggest you to subscribe to these lists if you want to stay in the community
> mailing lists.
>   - https://www.odoo.com/page/odoo-community
> *Pull Requests*
> For 2 months, we managed to process 100% of the pull requests on master.
> This was probably the biggest demand from the community. Now, pull requests
> are under control, no starvation anymore. All your contributions will be
> processed quickly. The move to github and the reinforcement of our R&D team
> helped a lot. Runbot has also been improved to test pull requests
> automatically and mark them green or red on github. This speeds up the
> review process a lot.
> In terms of numbers, since we moved to Github (one month ago), we
> received 333 pull requests from the community and we already closed 298 of
> them (89%). In total, including our own R&D teams, 513 pull requests have
> been done and 423 of these have been closed. (82%). From the 35 pull
> requests in progress: 14 have less than a week, 13 are under discussions and
> 6 are in progress.
> You can find more information in the github wiki, with the direct links to
> the pull requests to process:
>   - https://github.com/odoo/odoo/wiki
> *Improve Community Collaboration*
> After several discussions with community members during the Open Days and
> the OCA members, we decided that we will organize code sprints with the
> community. We will announce the first code sprints in a few weeks.
> They will be dedicated to reports and accounting.
> Over the next 3 months, we will also create three crowd funding
> campaigns like the POS one. The campains will be on accounting, MRP and
> Themes for the CMS.
> *Translation of the Website*
> With the Gengo integration of the new Odoo CMS, websites can be
> translated automaticaly by professional translators. We launched theprocess
> to translate the official Odoo website to French:
> https://www.odoo.com/fr_FR . In a few days, we will translate the
> website to Spanish, Dutch and German. Any feedback on the quality of the
> translation is welcome!
> *New features and V8*
> We have a lot of news to share with you, but future announcements will be
> done on the new community mailing lists. You can subscribe here:
>  - https://www.odoo.com/page/odoo-community
> Next week, we will keep you informed about the new features that have been
> developed over the past 4 weeks and about the version 8 release.
> For those that are following me on twitter, please note that my twitter
> account has changed. It's @fpodoo and not @fpopenerp anymore. The official
> Odoo account is @odooapps.
> Thanks,
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