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Re: Odoo Community News and Ideas


On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 3:53 PM, Fabien Pinckaers <fp@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> **We need your feedback**
>>> In addition to our efforts to improve the "How-tos", we are also
>>> thinking about integrating a deployment guide in the application.
>>> This will answer the "What to do", not the "How to do". Every application will have its own guide to help new users understand what to do. Here is the initial draft mockup for the CRM application. It describes what to do to improve sales efficiency:
>>>   - http://qf6iua.axshare.com/sales_planner_v2.html
>>> Please take a few minutes to review this mockup and send your feedback to Lionel, one of our usability experts: lie@xxxxxxxx
>>> Every feedback is important:
>>>  - Wording/copywriting improvements
>>>  - Will it help new users to understand how to deploy a CRM?
>>>  - Is it clear enough? Would you use it for your customes?
>>> Note: Some "Contact us" boxes only appear if the customer have the 24/24 support option as a part of his Odoo Enterprise contract. (like SaaS customers)
>>> ​I suppose a dynamic mockup was the idea to give feedback on. I just get
>> a static page on the link.​ There is not much to say rather than it is a
>> nice green useful tooltip without typos. ;)
> Click on the progress bar.

Great idea for something that could be very useful.  Maybe if you added a
more intuitive icon that would prompt the user on what they should do to
start the how-to tutorial. I was thinking something like this...
[image: Inline image 1]

Warm regards and great success with odoo v8

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