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Re: [OCA] PRs for standard files on migrations


Le 12 juil. 2014 00:37, "Holger Brunn" <hbrunn@xxxxxxxx> a écrit :
> Ladies and gentlemen being concerned with the bzr->git migration,
> we have a rulebook to do the migration, and a rulebook to handle merge
> pull) requests. The migration guide is not decisive, but most people
> me do the necessary changes as a PR. which stalls a lot of migrations
> either there's not enough thumbs up or thumbs up with nobody to actually
> the proposal. Wouldn't it make sense to allow the migrator to do
> direct merges of the .* files?
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> Holger Brunn - Ontwerp en implementatie
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Migration is part of the maintainers role and they should be able to
proceed with the migration/maintenance tasks by themselves. This is also a
matter of time. The migration is still running and the more long it will
take time the more it will be painful and difficult to understand for

By the way, there are still projects waiting for a maintainer and still
maintainers that did nothing on the migration. Thanks to them to put their
name on a few projects on the migration spreadsheet.


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