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Re: Product Variants :: Question


Hello Eric, it's late and I got quite frustrated today as I was planning to
load my company data prepared in spreadsheets already on v8. The arguments
of Anthony Lesuisse convinced me, that 3 weeks of internal testing would
give a rather stable version with only minor bugs. Then i realized that I
cannot parametrize any of my products sensibly as it seems the product
variant/template logic is very very VERY VERY buggy (see comment on the
github issue from Nhomar).

And now I see that whatever SaaS im trying to set up for testing, I'm only
getting a SaaS-3. Can anyone confimr that the SaaS offer has been reverted
to SaaS-3? (Just 5 hours ago, I got a V8)

If that's true, it perfectly makes sense, because this new product /
variant thing was just not ready. I cannot imagine anyone be able to go
live with this. And I feel very sorry for those who where forced to on the
SaaS offer...

I might get something terribly wrong here, but I wasn't used to be thumb...

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