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Re: 8.0 branch for l10n-italy


> I think we can have a master branch indeed where the development of the
> next version is regularly converged when it's stable enough. BUT, we can
> set up the repo so that 8.0 is the 'focus' branch and hence it's what is
> shown by default and noobs doing a git clone without options and doing PR
> will be done against 8.0 then.
> Wouldn't that 'focus' setting be enough?

some projects that have stuff for 8.0 going ditched the master branch and 
actually set 8.0 to leading/focus whatever makes it the thing you see on 
github and the branch you get first when you clone naively.

That sounds pretty much in line with what you propose, and if you name your 
development branch 'master' or 'potato' doesn't seem to matter

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