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Best Practice :: Manual/Local Testing Workflow


​*Dear Friends*

does anyone have a recommendation for manual (local) testing?​

There are several topics I'm not sure about:

   - Chrome Caching
      - How to handle Chrome Caching to make shure you start "virgin"
      browserwise every now and then?
      - Is there an easy rule of thumb to remember when clearing the cache
      should be executed/triggered?
   - Restarting the Odoo Server (& "-u" parameter)
      - I noticed there are some limitations of the "-u", but cannot make
      sense of them.
      - Data-Files such as csv dosn't seem to need a -u reboot (which would
      make sense in a way)
   - Restarting the DB-Server
      - Can anyone say, when this should be appropriate?
   - Restarting the VM
      - In some cases, the console states that something is already in use,
      when trying to restart odoo. I cannot make sens of it. In the eye of the
      spectator it seems Odoo sometimes doen't close properly. Can that be?
      - Sometimes DB-Connections are miraculously not freed, even after
      Postgresql restart, so I cannot delete a DB without restarting
the VM, this
      is tedious as it always consumes soome extra 5 minutes and occurs rather

If any one has comments on that or tips for a better (local/manual)
workflow, I would apreciate very much, as this manyfold and repeated trial
and error is tedious.

I understand, that an automated workflow on a private fork of the central
repo would be better, but:

   - I'm not eligible for a runbot.
   - Travis doesn't provide keep alive of DBs

So it seems this is not an option, If you see an automated alternative,
this would be great news, too!

*Happy V8ing to everyone, thanks and kind regards,*


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