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Re: Best Practice :: Manual/Local Testing Workflow


Some hints around:

On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 12:52 PM, David Arnold - El Alemán <
david@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> ​*Dear Friends*
> does anyone have a recommendation for manual (local) testing?​
> There are several topics I'm not sure about:
>    - Chrome Caching
>       - How to handle Chrome Caching to make shure you start "virgin"
>       browserwise every now and then?
> AFAIK works like any other app chrome makes your job.

>    - Is there an easy rule of thumb to remember when clearing the cache
>       should be executed/triggered?
>    - Restarting the Odoo Server (& "-u" parameter)
>       - I noticed there are some limitations of the "-u", but cannot make
>       sense of them.
>       - Data-Files such as csv dosn't seem to need a -u reboot (which
>       would make sense in a way)
>  <data update="1">

>    - Restarting the DB-Server
>       - Can anyone say, when this should be appropriate?
> It depends, too many cases when testing.

>    - Restarting the VM
>       - In some cases, the console states that something is already in
>       use, when trying to restart odoo. I cannot make sens of it. In the eye of
>       the spectator it seems Odoo sometimes doen't close properly. Can that be?
>       - Sometimes DB-Connections are miraculously not freed, even after
>       Postgresql restart, so I cannot delete a DB without restarting the VM, this
>       is tedious as it always consumes soome extra 5 minutes and occurs rather
>       often.
> If any one has comments on that or tips for a better (local/manual)
> workflow, I would apreciate very much, as this manyfold and repeated trial
> and error is tedious.

Basically you need a worflow to develop your own modules and testing odoo ?


* use virtualenvwrapper for each odoo version
* my own modules put on diferent directory it helps to pull from odoo repo
w/o cry. (git help me too)
* different DBs to each module testing

> I understand, that an automated workflow on a private fork of the central
> repo would be better, but:
>    - I'm not eligible for a runbot.
>    - Travis doesn't provide keep alive of DBs
> So it seems this is not an option, If you see an automated alternative,
> this would be great news, too!

Yes travis is good, runbot is dedicated tool for odoo so everybody
recommend its use, we use it locally but python test is not running and you
get travis for that.

Write test is the best way IMO there is no much test cases in odoo we need
to write more and PR so IDK if policy accept new tests on stable releases
(specially v8.0 is RC1).


> *Happy V8ing to everyone, thanks and kind regards,*
> David
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