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Re: Track datamodel changes


Le 07/08/2014 12:33, Jean Sébastien HEDERER ASPerience a écrit :
Very good. But it needs to apply changes to obtain s2.json. I think question was to track datamodel changes in source code.
Your method is very interesting

With the previous script, you just have to install all modules on an instance on a given Git commit ID. When the 8.0 is release, update this instance, re-run the script to extract the new scheme, and compare it to the previous one. But I agree that this way we don't know where the changes happen (in which module, which file...), it's just an overview of the changes at the application/ORM level. But it allows the Odoo team to make some refactoring without changing the scheme, like migrating to the new API v8 (in account and event modules for instance), or reformat/reindent the code, and we don't need to care about that.


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