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Re: odoo vertical-medical



Then so far we have:

   - Vertical-medical is a first class citizen of OCA (not there by any
   - Repository name will stay Vertical-Medical, so it will be located in
   githut at OCA/vertical-medical
   - Technical name will be medical, so modules will be named medical_xxxx
   - Application name will be Odoo Medical, to be used for

I will push the name changes next week, together with several functional
ones, and will send another message when ready.  After that, everybody will
be welcomed to contribute and make this vertical THE open source
application for physicians and medical centers worldwide...   ;-)

As for the logo, we still need resolution/guidance from OCA:

   - Fonts and colors:  Stay with the official ones or push different ones
   for OCA projects
   - Use "wide" logos like the official ones (one line with odoo +
   application_name) or make the logos use two lines (first one for "odoo" and
   second one for application_name)

Again, thank you all for your participation !!


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