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Re: Use of new odoo API when porting OCA addons


2014-08-12 16:15 GMT-04:30 David Arnold - El Alemán <david@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> +1 for test coverage
> 1. I anyone willing to write (in his limited time) a tutorial to be
> understodd by everyone?

Theorically I recommend you read first Unit testing pure python, after that
a little of theory of TDD.... then .... it will become obvious (almost) how
odoo works.

At these level, the documentations here IMHO is enought to start with.

> 2. We could maka a general call to test cases as kind of a season topic,
> probably...

This general call is a "continuous call", if you achieve 1, and you propose
your bugs as this, thats a "test case" well done. But it is so time
consuming a test can take from you as much time as develop a feature.

> 3. Accordingly we should implement proper monitoring (!!!) coveralls.io ,
> etc.

It is already implemented, check some OCA modules.

> 4. Once we have this, we have a garant for stability

No, that's not true you have a "better" garant of stalbility, all variants
never will be covered totally, but for sure 200 better.

> 5. We also have an important marketing argument!

Did you tried "runbot"¿?

> Test case coverage core and oca is a nightmare :)

Yes and no, we have way far beyond 2 years ago, as I said it is a continous

> I personally am struggeling with the first hurdel (lack of know-how)

Normal... all of we pass for that feeling ;-)

Saludos Cordiales

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